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Recommended Reading:


Ina May's Guide to Childbirth -Ina May Gaskin

The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth -Henci Goer

Birthing From Within -Pam England

Pushed -Jennifer Block

The Birth Book -William & Martha Sears

Spiritual Midwifery -Ina May Gaskin

The Birth Partner -Penny Simkin

Mothers and Midwives -Sheryl Rivett

The Breastfeeding Book -William & Martha Sears

Birth Affirmations



Recommended Videos:

Healthy Birth Your Way - Intro

Let Labor Begin On Its Own - Step 1 of 6

Walk, Move, and Change Positions - Step 2 of 6

Have Continuous Support - Step 3 of 6

Avoid Unnecessary Interventions - Step 4 of 6

Get Upright and Follow Urges to Push - Step 5 of 6

Keep Your Baby With You After Birth - Step 6 of 6

Birth Images from Ancient Times - The Timeless Way

Changes in Birth Practices - The Timeless Way

Movie Clips from "The Business of Being Born"



Doula Organizations:

DONA (Doula's of North America)

DACO (Doula's of Central Oklahoma)


Local Resources:

VBAC Information (Vaginal Birth After C-section)

Birth Matters (Childbirth Education)

Oklahoma La Leche League (Breastfeeding Support)

Oklahoma BirthNetwork (Grassroots Advocacy)

Cloth Diapering Classes

Babywearing Classes




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