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Birth Center Birth


We are proud to offer our clients the option to birth at the beautiful Oklahoma City Birth Center, intentionally located less than 2 miles from a major hospital should the need for transfer arise. You can set up a free tour and get more information by visiting their website



Birth Center Birth FAQ


What is a Freestanding Birthing Center?

A birthing center is a place for ‘low risk’ women seeking a natural childbirth with a nationally certified midwife. ​

Is not being in the hospital safe?

Yes!  Studies have shown for low risk women; birthing in a freestanding birthing center is actually safer than birthing in a hospital where you are at risk for unnecessary and unwanted medical interventions.

Are pain relieving drugs available to me during labor?

No, we specialize in natural childbirths only. For any discomfort during labor your midwife or doula will have many things to suggest instead of the invasive use of an epidural or other drugs.


Does the birth center accept insurance?

The birth center accepts many insurances as an 'out of network' provider, but does not accept Tricare nor Sooner Care at this time.  They also offer flexible payment plans to fit your individual needs.​

What if something goes wrong?

This the usually the number one question for parents when thinking about an out of hospital birth. First, the risk of something going wrong on a healthy woman and a healthy baby is relatively rare and midwives are trained to handle most special circumstances. Most hospital transfers are for pain management services which, we don’t provide, or for the need of medical intervention for a stalled labor. If there is a true emergency we are 7 miles from a hospital.

Are we allowed to film or take photos during the birth?

Yes! Absolutely​

How many people are allowed in the birth suites? Are there age restrictions?

Our facility does not have any regulations on how many people are in the birthing suite. There are also no age restrictions so siblings are always welcome to attend the births of more siblings.


Does a birthing center cost more than a hospital birth?

Yes and No... depending on your insurance.  The facility fee for the center is $1,200 and paid directly to the center. This does not include your midwifery package. The hospital might be cheaper if you have really good insurance with a low deductible. The average cost of a hospital vaginal birth is $8,000; while a surgical birth could be upwards of $40,000. Most people feel the cost of a birthing center birth is worth it, in order to have the birth experience they want with midwifery care. Payment plans are available for those who need to spread out the facility fee.

How much control do I have over my birth plan?

The facility doesn’t regulate the midwives on how they practice as long as it is with in their scope of practice. As long as your preferences aren’t harmful they are allowed. This includes water birth, cord burning, birthing in any positions, eating during labor, etc.​


How long do I stay in the facility after the birth?

Most parents stay from 4-6 hours after birth. It will depend on your midwives assessment before you are released. In certain circumstances you will be able to stay longer as long as no one is waiting for a birthing room.  If you need a longer stay please talk to your midwife about alternate accommodations postpartum.​

Where is all the medical equipment in the rooms?

Our birthing suites look very homelike because we have been able to hide most all of the medical equipment. We chose to hide the equipment to make mother’s more comfortable and keep birth less medicalized.

Can I labor and birth in the tub?

Yes! Water birth is safe and very soothing for both mom and baby. We encourage mothers to labor and birth in water for hydrotherapy.

What if I transfer to the hospital? What happens to my midwife and will I get a facility fee refund?

There is a very small percentage of women who might need to transfer care to an OBGYN and birth in a hospital. When this happens your midwife transfers with you and acts like your Doula. The midwife and facility fee are both non-refundable.

Does the center provide food or room service?

No we do not offer room service at this time, but we do have a full kitchen that is available for our birthing families to use to fix snacks or their own meals while staying at the center. We provide the pots and kitchen items you just have to bring your own food.

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