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Hear what our clients have to say!

"I'm a client of this lovely lady and though I too at first thought, eew, I'm very glad now that I did it. I could totally tell a difference from my first pregnancy. I had way more energy and felt like my old self immediately. I didn't have the crazy hormone feelings I just felt rested and content." -Adeline E.


"Half way through my 4th pregnancy I was sure I had completely lost my, already foggy, prenatal brain. Just when I had decided to have a home birth with a midwife I did something almost unheard of  made plans to ingest my placenta after delivery! This is a concept nearly unheard of but when I learned of it's benefits it was a no-brainer decision (which was good because pregnancy had rendered my brain handicapped).  With each of my previous 3 babies I had experienced a very low milk supply, extreme exhaustion, and severe postpardum depression after my 3rd baby. I just figured that this was the way my body was and there was nothing I could do about it except supplement with formula, get as many naps and get as many naps as possible. As for the p.p. Depression- I had to quit nursing all together and begin taking anti-depressant medication. With all this history I was pretty shocked to learn that I could have avoided most of these things by saving and ingesting my placenta. I assure you that I was as grossed out as you probably are right now at the thought of this but I was willing to try it if it meant a healthier, happier postpardum season. Two days after delivering my son the placenta was steamed, dehydrated, ground, and made into capsules. I started taking them immediately. I wasn't skeptical that the pills would give me some benefits, however, I never thought that I'd actually be able sense a difference in my body  especially so quickly! Two weeks after delivering I was shocked at how much energy I had, and very little baby blues. But especially shocked at how much milk my body was producing! I had never before experienced any of my babies feeling and looking satisfied after nursing. I had always resorted to supplementing with formula one or more times a day. And NOW, I was amazed at how my baby kept gulping and sometimes even finished nursing before my milk ran out! This to me is as near a miracle as I've ever been!  I'm looking forward to taking my pills to relieve any PMS I might have in the future and potentially (if there are any pills left) subdue symptoms of menopause! I understand that the idea of eating one's placenta takes a while to get used to but never underestimates it's benefits and that by doing this you can have the blissful postpardum experience you've always imagined! ' -Libby H.


"I had bad baby blues with my first and felt it starting after my second just before I got the pills. The pills made everything better. I recovered much faster, less bleeding, my slight tear healed faster with my second than a similar tear with my first, my milk came in sooner and was over flowing (with my first I never leaked milk, but with my second I had an abundance and would leak when my milk let down.) My husband could even tell the difference in my mood if I forgot to take my pills. I have taken them a few times since weaning off them, during stressful times, and they help still, plus my milk gets a boost each time I take them. This is seriously a life saver! I don't know how I would have cared for my two year old and the newborn without these pills. And the best part is they benefit me and my baby. No side effects to me or my infant like if I had to take antidepressants while breastfeeding. Plus I'd rather take something that I know exactly what's in it because I know what I took in during pregnancy, than take some synthetic drug that had all sorts of byproducts and animal hormones." -Ann S.

"I can tell you from experience that the first 4 days following my birth (and before I received my "happy pills"), I was weepy, had NO energy, and felt extremely overwhelmed by all my new responsibilities.  I doubted myself as a mom, and I cried over everything.  Once I began taking my "happy pills," I noticed an immediate difference.  My energy returned, my bleeding slowed, I wasn't crying (except when I spilled 3oz. of my milk, which is a different story), my milk supply increased, and I didn't need to take any additional iron.  It's been amazing!"  -Bethany C.


"I thought this idea was crazy at first and had NO intention of ingesting MY placenta... However, I kept the placenta "just in case" after some convincing by my midwife and my mother.  My husband thought I had truly lost it!  Fast forward about a week or two with an extremely fussy baby and I was just beside myself! I certainly did not experience anything like this with my first baby...  I decided to start taking my encapsulated placenta pills as a friend I know had success using hers.  Needless to say, I am a BELIEVER!!!  And so is my husband!  The energy increase was noticeable the first day, and the pills also helped my mood and milk supply!  In fact, the effect was so noticeable that on a rough day when my husband would come home and find me less than amiable, he would ask "Have you taken you pills today?" and it was almost always a day I had forgotten!!!  Whether there is evidence-based research to support this or not (which is what I usually look for being an RN), I am convinced of its benefits and plan to encapsulate again with my next pregnancy! -Maggie H.


"Taryn encapsulated my placenta after my 3rd baby. I was skeptical at how much it would really work. I went in, trying to be open minded but wasn't expecting things to be dramatically different, but was willing to avoid the milk supply issues and post partum depression I experienced after my 2nd. The most noticeable effect was the amount of energy I had!! I am also happy to report that this is the first time I have had a good milk supply (PCOS has effected my supply from the other two). I will be doing this for any other babies I have in the future." -Amy T.


"I am a firm believer in placenta encapsulation and recommend it to everyone!  I have been iron anemic for as long as I can remember. Throughout my pregnancy my iron levels were checked on several occasions, and they were consistently very low. Six days after the birth of my daughter I began taking the placenta capsules. My energy and mood was great. My iron levels were retested 4 days after beginning the capsules and for the first time EVER my iron was above the recommended level. In fact, it was higher than it had ever been! For those of you that need proof that placenta encapsulation is effective, numbers do not lie!" 

-Amie J.



'Those pills are like magic. I took them right after my daughters birth and I have had some issues just come up and popped them again a couple of days ago and I, once again, had relief. Energy, clear mind, more milk production. What else more could a new mom want?! I think it would be ludicrous to NOT talk about this. As women battle this every single day. Taryn has a gift and is a gift to many women. I am forever grateful for her." -Rashel S.

"When Taryn, my Doula, first suggested that I may be interested in placenta encapsulation postpartum I wasn't completely unfamiliar with the process. I'd had a couple of girlfriends in LA take the pills postpartum with great success. The hope was that taking the placenta pills would bring more energy and help ease any 'baby blues' or postpartum depression. Since I suffered from depression during pregnancy my Ob-gyn thought I may have a higher chance of having PPD. I gave birth to my precious daughter just over a month ago and began taking the placenta pills just a few days after her birthday (and regularly thereafter). Any time I forget to take them I notice a definite decline in my mood and energy. Sure, the idea of eating your own placenta sounds gross - without question. But thankfully it is taken in pill form and I just don't think too much about it. The benefits of placenta encapsulation far outweigh any thoughts of how weird, unusual, or 'gross' it sounds. I'm glad I went ahead and tried something new and different because the placenta pills have really helped me. I haven't suffered from the baby blues at all, and people have consistently remarked that I have a lot of energy for a new mother who doesn't get much sleep. The truth is, though I'm a little more tired than usual, I do feel great, and I truly believe it's because I'm taking the placenta pills." - Di F.


"Taryn encapsulated my placenta after the birth of my daughter and it was amazing! No post partum depression (not even the "baby blues that I had with my son), felt great, great milk supply and not even any weepy days after baby was born. Now I tell all my pregnant friends that they HAVE to do this. I plan to do it with all future pregnancies, now that I know how awesome it is. " 

-Andrea L.


"I really want to thank you for the placenta encapsulation that you did for me. I can't believe the results I got. I didn't have that fatigue feeling which helped me take care of my new baby and my 3 year old without the exhaustion. My husband could tell when I had or hadn't taken a capsule. It was amazing how level my emotions felt. I was a little concerned about the high amount of iron in them but I never became constipated and I never took the colace that the doctor prescribed. When I went for my check-up I was not low on iron, which is very exciting since I tend to always be anemic. I am very happy with the results and I plan on doing this with any other pregnancies I may be blessed to have. You are an amazing woman. I was a little nervous about having someone I didn't know come into my house during a very emotional time but you were such a blessing. You have a very calming, loving spirit. Plus, you practically sterilized my kitchen ;) Thank you so much." -Joylynn N.


"Several of my moms with previous postpartum depression have had Taryn do placental encapsulation. Their report-more energy, no depression." - Dawn Karlin, Certified Nurse Midwife


"I definitely had the "eww" factor and thought that I was into a lot of alternative health stuff but that this might be going too far. However, at the urging of the midwives and my husband we did it and I am so glad I did! I felt this weird hormonal brain thing where I was sleep deprived but could totally cope! The only thing is take it easy if you are engorged. I wound up pumping 7 ounces in 2 minutes AFTER my baby nursed. Just wish I could have an endless supply  of placenta pills to take for years to come."

-Ingrid D.


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