Meet the Oklahoma placenta dream team!

Spirited Birth Services is fortunate to have a wonderful team of amazing Placenta Arts Specialists to accomodate the growing demand of placenta services. All of our providers work exclusively with Spirited Birth Services with the same type of equipment and methods. They have all completed the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1090.1030 and operate under the standards set forth by The Placenta Association of Preparation Arts.

Taryn Goodwin, Owner, CPM,  LM, APPA-C


Taryn was Oklahoma's first "Placenta Lady". Taryn became interested in placenta encapsulation after having postpartum depression with the birth of her son in 2008. She learned about the benefits of ingesting the placenta and was really attracted to the possibility of offering such a unique and needed service.


Taryn was the first Placenta Encapsulation Provider to serve Oklahoma and she has prepared over 1,000 placentas for encapsulation and regulalry hosts presentations on the benefits of the placenta for postpartum wellness. In 2010, Taryn worked with an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist to create an OSHA course specific to the standards needed for our industry and has successfully completed the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1090.1030. Taryn Goodwin was a co-founder of APPA (Association of Placenta Preparation Arts) and co-owner from April 2014-September 2016.

Michelle Gilley, CPM, LM, Placenta Arts Specialist


Michelle is a midwife with a passion particularly motivated by women’s health care, gender equality, cultural awareness and community empowerment. Focus on these types of issues began at age 7 for Belle when she poured over maps and saw herself working as a rural health care nurse. Spending her teen years in Taiwan with opportunities to walk alongside teen mothers, work with an orphanage and social service projects further imprinted a desire to base her career in Asia. She is excited to provide this service here.