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​Whether you want to be a midwife,

a doula or another type of birth pro,

I've got you.

I've learned the best practices for building a successful birth business from the ground up.


Founded ten years ago, my birth business has served over 1k families through their childbearing years and my businesses continue to grow every year.

In 2015, I opened the first ever OKC birth and wellness collective with a brick and mortar that serves even more families through a number of services, events and education with nearly 20 local birth and wellness collective members. This group of providers and educators has taught me so much about how important it is to share what we know with those who want their business to grow!

I am excited to offer coaching for new and existing doulas, eventual midwifes, educators, placenta encapsulators, and other business owners who need both inspiration and organization to start their business with strength. With 10 years of experience in running successful businesses, I would love to help your birth business soar! 

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